Welcome to the Notre Dame Club of Minnesota!

Our Club is open to all alumni, students, family, and friends of the University of Notre Dame. We serve the state of Minnesota and parts of Western Wisconsin, and our activities promote the "6 C's" of the ND Alumni Association – Camaraderie, Community Service, Continuing Education, Current Students, Catholic/Christian Spirituality, and Communications. Our Club was named Outstanding Club (AA Size) in 2004 and 2009 and has been recognized with numerous other awards for our programs and achievements over the years.

We are always eager to welcome new members into the Club, so join us and get involved! Please make sure that your profile on my.nd.edu is up-to-date with your current contact information and you will automatically receive our Club communications.

We invite you to read an excerpt of our 2016 Annual Report to the Notre Dame Alumni Association for details on our most recent significant events.